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As for a teacher memory. I can't seem to forget a moment in Spanish class when our teacher, a woman whose name escapes me (I can't even find her in the Tide), a woman with a nervous habit who was often pulling on her necklace, pulled once too often and the beads clattered to the floor.  I would think it was that teacher's worse memory but I don't know why that image is with me and I wonder if anyone else remembers it.



Seared in my brain is Ms Annan explaining her "chicken feet" method of writing an organized essay. It was a highlight learning experience for me and helped me forever after. 


All the best, Charna



Super Teacher


Upon reflection, my best and worst teacher was the same person


Miss Margaret Annan in Senior English.





I considered her the worst teacher because I dreaded going to her class.  She would be extremely critical of everyone, and it seemed like she enjoyed belittling her students.  She seemed to have no sense of humor.  With her red pen, she would mark up our compositions with reckless abandon.  In her mind, I never seemed to be able to do anything right.  Her infamous "chicken feet" are forever embedded in my mind.

The following year, at my freshman year at Univ. of Wisconsin, I was required, like everyone else, to take English 101, Composition.  For some unexplained reason, I had no problem in writing and submitting a weekly composition.  My teacher even read my papers several times during the semester to the class.  Apparently, whatever Miss Annan taught me had started paying off.  I aced the class, and as a result, I didn't have to take the second semester of English Composition.  In later years, during my business career, I was often complimented on my writing ability.  So, in retrospect, Miss Annan was my best teacher, because she pushed me way beyond what I thought my limits were.


Bernie Eggener


For the funniest or strangest" memories column on the website


From Ralph Ehrlich:


Finding Tootsie Rolls in the swimming pool and Coach Applegram going ballistic. (Editor's note: A preview of that famous scene in Caddyshack??)


Neil Ostrow playing dead on the ground outside of the third floor biology class and that little biology teacher (Mr. Boyajian) screaming, believing Neil had killed himself.


My favorite teacher was Mr Duban. He was the toughest teacher I had at SSHS, and never gave me an ounce of slack. At the time, when all I wanted to do was get the hell out of high school, he made it clear that the only way to graduation was through him. At the time, I thought of hiring out a "hit man" to open the thoroughfare to my cap and gown :) Lord, I hated the guy; I actually had to work for a passing grade.


Today, I wish I could shake his hand, buy him dinner, somehow let him know how he taught me things about english comp that I have used all my life to help stay ahead of the next guy. I'm still no grammarian or speller or constructionist...obviously :) But in holding my feet to the fire in his class, I learned far more than english from him. I needed that toughness at just the right time in my life, and Du ban was Da Man !!


See THE FORUM our blog for Rolf�s summer job!


Joyce Ward Maddox says,


I was reminded of 'dear' Mrs. Feldman who had bottled red hair. Every Monday, if I hadn't washed my hair that morning and it looked a little darker in shade due to it being oily then, she'd make a point of mentioning it in front of the whole class and add something like - did you get the wrong bottle? - or did you forget your color? She used to infuriate me! Oh well - I'm sure she's not worried about things like that now!!!!!


It was horrific at the moment, but funny later. A class of girls lined up along the pool's edge in wet, clingy and holey swim tank suits when the door opens by the principal who is showing the pool off to a group of visitors. We all hit the water as fast as we could and gave the 'visitors' a second surprise by 'dampening' their tour.


Another was the girl's chorus director making a girl drink a raw egg and honey because she had a sore throat. For the rest of the 4 years I don't believe anyone complained to her of a sore throat.


I remember the physics or chem lab explosion - they were on the 3rd floor - the room was a huge mess - and the whole building stunk for a while -  even with the windows thrown open and fans on !!


I also remember all of us usually in a hurry going up and down to classes - and MOST kids would trip or fall down - not me!  I had the distinction of falling UP the stairs - and making a mess of me and what I was carrying and every one else in my path!  VERY embarassing!


Remember Miss Von Bremer - when she read Shakespeare - especially MacBeth - and did the witches voices - you just KNEW she'd had some kind of experience that made her so good at it.  Many of us thought there was something going on between the boys PE coach and her - she'd walk down to his office or the boy's gym a lot!  She was a neat lady.


One last thing I learned - again, from Girl's Chorus:  when we had concerts we stood on risers in the auditorium - and would sometimes lock knees without thinking - DON'T !!!  One girl totally passed out and fell - learned the hard way to keep knees bent slightly when standing 'at attention' - or you keel over!


AND - Wednesday nite sock hops at the "Y" - those were great!



Susie Orenstein Labow remembers,


When Mrs. Majors used to dance for the class and kids used to throw money at her - she collected the money for charity but everyone thought it was funny.



Summer Jobs


Summer vacation has changed radically over 50 years. When we were in school "summer school" was almost nonexistent. Summer vacation was a time to have fun and for some to work. I remember some of the summer jobs that my friends had.


Landscaping Giant


Jerry Adelman probably had the most lucrative summer employment. He started a lawn cutting operation hiring several students to work for him.





Uniformed Superstars


Michael and Lee might've had the best jobs. They were Andy Frain ushers. They got to go to all the athletic events for free and had little work to do in return.


One story stands out in my memory when they were working the ball game at Comiskey Park. Mike and Lee were in elevator going up to top deck of Comiskey Park when who should come in, but Bill Veeck, the president owner of the White Sox.Veeck said hello to them and then said, "I want you to kick me in my right leg". I don't which chump took the shot, but I can imagine the shock and pain of impacting a hard wooden artificial leg.


Ha! Ha!



Jackie Feldman also had a great summer job. He worked as a tour guide at the Museum of Science and Industry. Jackie took visitors on tours of the coal mine and the captured World War II submarine the U505.


Tennis Champions


The South Shore High School tennis team won the 1960 Chicago high school championship.




During our years at South Shore, many of our athletic teams did well, most notably the basketball team making the city quarterfinals in 1959. However, only one team won a Chicago City Championship: The Tar Tennis Team in 1960. This picture appeared on the back page of the Chicago Sun-Times the day after we beat Fenger for the Championship. Two of the team members were in our class, Barry Demovsky (2nd from left) and Mike Friduss (3rd from left), who played doubles on the team and won their match against Fenger to win the title, (classmate players not shown; Allan Frank, Jackie Feldman, and John Stein).



Note: Mr. Clifford Friduss, Michael's father, was instrumental in the success of the tennis team. Mr. Friduss would take off work to drive the team to its matches. Also he was the unofficial coach of the tennis team, taking off afternoons to work with us on our skills. Mr. Friduss had played tennis for the University of Chicago



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