South Shore High School

 Class of 1960 50th Reunion


Well, the big event has come and gone and it was a thing of  joy and love.        Mike’s Note  




Lynn Fishman, Dave Labow & myself went to South Shore on Tuesday to present the four checks to the various School Principals, They were very delighted to receive the funds. Each one explained what they had in mind for the use of the Funds. I explained our desire to have the Funds used for physical plant, computers, and the like, emphasizing that we did not want to restrict them on the use of the Funds. They explained that they are chronically short of funds & they would do their best to disburse the money.


Thank You Letter



I asked them to write a letter acknowledging the receipt of the money, which they all agreed to do. We took pictures of the check presentation. Lynn will try to send them to Allan to be put on our Website.




From Aaron


The committee did a magnificent job in advertising, organizing, choosing the location and executing our June 1960 class reunion, even spouses felt welcome.  Arrival on Friday gave those that checked in an opportunity to get reacquainted, first in the hotel lobby and then in the hospitality suite where badges with 1960 graduating class pictures help us remember.  Thoughtfully, refreshments were always abundant in the hospitality suite and were enjoyed.  The Friday evening buffet allowed more time to meet and talk and again many alumnus that live in Chicago-land showed up for an bigger get together.  The food was very good and the group had much to discuss; it was an amazing reunion start. 


Saturday included a bus ride through Chicago and tour of our old neighborhood with running commentary.  Downtown was much improved but South Shore was not; it was wonderful to see it all even the inside of South Shore Country Club a place that I never went to though I lived less than a block from its entrance.  It is true that you can't go home because the your home is where you now live.  The Saturday big banquet at Maggiano's drew the largest crowd for a party with plenty of time it was not just a dinner, slide show with period perfect background music; our conversations with those we had not seen in years will always be remembered.  The group included more than high school reunion friends, some we also went to Sunday School with, some were neighbors and some we hung out with at the movies, bowling alley, beach, etc.  Treasured moments related and fondly recalled all brought together by a committee sensitive to our need to circulate, after dinner, the awards and acknowledgements, and meet those long absent friends. 


We spoke in the hospitality suite, we met in the Friday buffet, we talked during our bus and in the halls of SSHS, we walked around that banquet hall and found them, hugged them and laugh spoke and enjoyed our recollections marveling at the the great joy throughout the night.  Saturday evening past too quickly the group was electrified from the stairway in to the elevator out and though we had been out all day an adrenalin rush had us still going at closing. 


The Sunday morning grammar school brunch at Caryl's near north party-room included tables decorated with school pennants, pictures of the teachers and penny candy.  The brunch food was perfect and those that did not make the trip downtown for this missed out.  I again remembered for the first time since I entered South Shore High School as a freshman that those I graduated with were drawn from many grammar schools and during high school became a group.  The committee recognized that we needed time to take all this in and not just see some friends/classmates but to reconnect. 


One would think that what began with the email listing, built momentum over a span of a year and continued throughout the weekend and thereafter because of a bio-book that will be read and reread.  Emails and pictures taken will be sent to and received from those we met and spoke with and I will contact those that were not there to relate what a swell reunion you special people delivered.  Your effort was appreciated greatly, thank you and congratulations on a spectacular accomplishment.


It is not what we have attained in 50 years; it is the friends we made during our lives that endure and satisfy,


Aaron and Eileen Passman



A note from Mike


Greetings everyone:


On behalf of your SSHS Classes of 1960 50th Reunion Committee, we want to thank all of you who attended for making this past weekend unbelievably memorable and wonderful. We hope you had as terrific a time as we did. 190 classmates attended one or more events over the weekend (out of 375 found active). 275 people attended the banquet.

The best was seeing people for the first time after so many years and reconnecting.

To those of you who were unable to attend, we're sorry you missed it. We missed you.


As we announced at the banquet, we presented a check for $5000 to the Shelly Lewis Scholarship Fund (we believe this to be the largest contribution ever) and plan to present further money, should we find after final accounting that we have a surplus, to the school directly.


In addition to the class picture that most of you purchased, many of you took hundreds of pictures over the weekend. If possible, please send the good ones to our webmaster, Allan Frank, at He'll put as many as possible on the class website ( Also, you will all (attending or not) receive a solicitation to buy the video DVD of the banquet (and tour of the high school) from Raines Video Productions for $29.95. Purchase is strictly up to you.


We are also interested to know whether there is any interest in receiving a copy of the Powerpoint slide show that was showing in the corner of the banquet room. If so, we will try to reproduce it at cost.

Until we meet again.... (We had such a good time that we're already talking about when this might be)


If you have any comments or suggestions (or complaints for that matter), contact Mike Friduss at, Barry Demovsky, Lynn Kleinberg Fishman at, or Bob Blacher at

Your Reunion Committee


PS, please check the website for photos that have been posted



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