Gone but not Forgotten


Sorry to say as we get older we lost another Classmate. Ginnie Livingston passed away this April, I was just informed. A few weeks before the Reunion she had a stroke & was not able to attend the Reunion. The Committee refunded her deposit & sent here a copy of the Memory Book & a Tee-shirt. I was told by one of her friends, at that time, that she really appreciated that.



Flipper AKA Rolf remembers PHIL PIKOFSKY





While Barry and I were recalling the suffering of that afternoon in the fall of 1957 at the hands of Chicago Vocational high school (see gridiron mayhem ). We thought of Dickie Hirsch.

Dickie was one of the few South Shore players that had "held his own" on that fateful afternoon. He had played center for offense and middle linebacker for the defense. But at one point he was kicked in the head by Dick Butkus and knocked out. He was carried to the sidelines in a daze and promptly demanded to be returned to the action. It was at this point the coaches decided that the mayhem should cease. Barry and I were both good friends with Dickie. Dickie and I would walk home every afternoon after football practice. Dickie wasn't just a great football player he was also an excellent student and a leader in the school government.

He graduated HS with honors and a scholastic/athletic scholarship to Harvard University. After college at Harvard he went to law school at Notre Dame and finally moved to San Francisco to practice.



as remembered by Mike Friduss and  Allan Frank


Lee Epstein was a good friend. He was the first of our little group to leave us. During high school and college he had a good time, drinking and smoking, just  carousing around.  During the first two years of college he went to Navy Pier  branch of the University of Illinois.

Then he came down to Champaign Urbana.  Lee and I didn't get much chance to get together during that time. He lived in a fraternity and I was struggling in my first years of veterinary medicine. We got together mostly when Mike came down to visit.


Lee eventually got a BA in Accounting and sometime in the late 1960s Lee found a new path for his life. Lee worked as comptroller at Weiss Memorial Hospital from about 1969-1972, then comptroller at Provident Hospital until about 1975, then finally at the American Hospital Association, where as I recall, he was the CFO. He was a very active member of IVI and was President sometime during the mid 70's. He was the Campaign Manager for Woods Bowman, who won election as a State Representative during this time.


While at Provident hospital. I think Lee learned the lesson of Chicago politics. Provident was owned by Cook County. Lee's financial management probably saved Provident Hospital from being closed down.


Lee worked hard to build the respect and influence of the IVI.   The IVI was a pioneer in the interview process of political candidates and political candidate forums. I would see Lee being interviewed on television I would say to myself do I know that guy? Under Lee's leadership the IVI would endorse a multitude of exceptional candidates for political office.


LEE EPSTEIN died on June 15, 1979


PS: Lee had a Labrador retriever, named Augie that he loved very much. Augie had myesthia gravis ( the first case I had ever seen ). Lee took exceptional care of Augie.


This is a composite article, "I" refers to either or both, Mike or Allan !





I never thought I'd be writing this. Our lives were so different; Phil, safely taking over his family's furniture business, and me running pell mell into things most folks would run FROM. Forty years later, I am still here...and my health conscious, tennis playing friend is gone.


Phil and Michael Strauss were my closest pals from Horace Mann and into high school. Others came and went. I never lost touch with Phil. Everytime I'd return to Chicago to see my parents, I always went to see my old buddy. We'd make up for lost time, often measured in a year or more, and made plans to enjoy a cruise or a vacation together in the future.


I went away that last time thinking, "I'm gonna retire in a few months from this front burner-high heat life; I'm glad I made it to enjoy retirement...and have some fun time with Phil. The Reunion surfaces, I get data from Barry and Alan, and the "I'm retired now Phil" call never got made around so many other things...moving, retiring, healing injuries.


And I read the list of classmates and see..."Phil Pikofsky-DECEASED"


I may someday forgive that wife for not calling me...or his kids. But I am not a very forgiving sort and probably won't. I did visit his grave when back in Chicago for the reunion. The little tennis ball was a nice touch :(


They say that the greatest testimony to a person is what's said about him when he's gone. I hope folks can say about me, what so many I spoke with said about Phil...."He was one of the nicest guys I've ever known!!"...and he was my friend.


Never measure a friend by how often you see him or can talk to him. Measure friendship by what you share inside each other FOR each other. Phil was my friend...I will always remember all the crazy things we did together...and the laughter we shared...up to the last day I ever saw him.


Rest in peace, Flipper :(


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